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サニーサイドインターナショナル Sunnyside International は日本人教諭と外国人教諭のチーム保育によって幼児教育と英語教育を実践している幼稚園です。

At Sunnyside International Kindergarten, Japanese teachers and international teachers work together as a team to provide an excellent early childhood education with exposure to an English language environment.

International schools are usually comprised of only international staff who teach entirely in English, and follow a curriculum separate from Japanese kindergartens. By contrast, the Sunnyside program meets the standards set for national kindergartens by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


School Philosophy

With all the attention given to the "English education boom" of recent years, the Sunnyside program is often initially seen as a method for teaching children English as early as possible. Sometimes this idea can lead to some misunderstandings about the program.

We do not want to force English learning onto children, only to have them form the attitude that English is an unpleasant academic subject. The Sunnyside program aims to raise children within an international environment to become confident citizens of the global society.

To do this successfully, it is important that children experience the traditional culture of their home country and always remain a Japanese person at heart. There are many cultures and traditions in the world, and we should be proud of our own culture as Japanese people. To raise a child means not only to watch with satisfaction and sentimentality as the child develops before our eyes. We must also carefully encourage the development of their heart and soul.

Globalization is a very well known term, but what does it mean to be a global citizen? Many people probably equate global citizenship to speaking English well. We believe it requires a good deal more, such as a broad range of talents and attributes, and a respect of your home country’s culture. Wouldn’t such people make a much more valuable contribution to communication within a global society?

The Sunnyside program does not merely aim to produce children fluent in English. Instead, we always strive to create an appropriate balance in the learning environment for every child.

Our children are exposed to English through daily greetings and interactions such as “Go get your bag.”, ”Let's sing a song!”, “Who is not here today?”, etc. Interacting with and in English throughout daily routines and activities, it seems as if the children are not processing and analyzing the language as a translation task like adults would in learning a new language. Our international teachers talk to children almost as if they were native speakers, and the children learn almost as if they were learning a native language.

The most important point about the Sunnyside program is that it is designed to be a holistic education for Japanese kindergarten-aged children. Our kindergarten carefully guides children toward developing good habits, building affectionate relationships with playmates, and learning to participate in positive play with friends. We also introduce children to a large range of traditional Japanese tales, children’s songs and traditional Japanese events and festivals. We pay close attention to the health and physical development of the children at the kindergarten. We believe that if we are to raise children to become true global citizens, it is very important to have children experience as much of their own Japanese culture as that of the cultures of the many international teachers. Please see the School Events section for more details about the many activities we plan for each year.


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In April 2005, Nagara 2nd Kindergarten was renamed Sunnyside International Kindergarten to commemorate the final transition of our school from a traditional Japanese style kindergarten into the bilingual, team-taught Sunnyside program.
Nagara 2nd Kindergarten was founded in 1973. In its 30 years of history the kindergarten has rigorously kept to its founding ideal that a kindergarten should provide for a child’s holistic needs. We strive to create an environment where children develop positive attitudes in everyday life.
The Sunnyside program began in 2001 as a special project to model educational reform within Gifu Prefecture. The program premise was that a Japanese teacher and an international teacher form a team to teach a single kindergarten class.
Currently, the school consists of approximately 230 students divided up into 3 age levels- the 3 Year Olds, 4 Year Olds, and 5 Year Olds- with 3 classes in each age level. There is one Japanese teacher and one international teacher in each classroom of approximately 25 children.

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